August 31st, 2006

The Weightier Matters of the Law

Mark Hudson, who is running for Congress in District 1 in Utah, has recently written/compiled an e-book titled “The Weighter Matters of the Law”. You can download it here.

This book says it is “a plea for the Latter-day Saints to awaken”. The introductory paragraph is as follows:

This booklet was written for the sincere consideration of my Latter-day Saint brethren and sisters in the last part of the latter days. I truly feel that anyone who will take the time to read and ponder these words will have vital information that they can consider and pray about when contemplating what we are experiencing in the last days. This information could also affect our future as well as our salvation. I am simply sharing with you my testimony about things “as they really are and as they really will be”. I testify that these things are true.

It is no surprise to those that read my blog that I believe there are secret combinations in our government and world today. I believe that the prophets have frequently spoken out about them, and it is up to those “who hath ears to hear” to listen, prepare, and act accordingly.

I have many people ask me why I care so much about it, or why I read about it constantly. This book will address those questions, and hopefully convince you and others of the importance of being aware of things “as they really are”. We cannot be saved in ignorance. Please, read the book.

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  1. Edward C. Noonan
    September 29, 2006 at 8:18 am #


    Can I get permission to reprint your WEIGHTIER MATTERS booklet for California. I want to print several copies up for the sleepy LDS here in California. I have been using Chuck Baldwin’s THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT HAS FLED THE BATTLEFIELD, but your booklet has become my AIP Bible. It has joined all together so well in my opinion.

    I also invite you to the CALIFORNIA MORMON BATTALION. I am the founder of this caucus. Only LDS and only AIP, IAP and CP are members. It is a way to LDS AIPer’s to communicate among one another. Send me an email, and I will send you an invite to this nationwide group (we are an affiliate of the CP).

    Thank you,
    Edward C. Noonan
    State Party Chair – American Independent Party
    (California’s Constitution Party)
    2006 Candidate/Governor – State of California


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