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Anxiously Engaged in a Good Cause… or Ten

I change hearts, minds, and laws, while writing books, speaking around the country, developing free market curriculum, podcasting, strategizing, and occasionally tweeting.


I'm president of Utah's free market think tank. Our strategy and tenacity has yielded an 82% success rate in seeing our proposals enacted into law, with several landmark policies being the first of their kind in the entire country. We've reformed laws on a wide range of issues: drug policy, privacy, transparency, property rights, free association, criminal justice, parental rights, and much, much more.

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I'm the author of a unique series of children's books that teach kids age 5-10 the principles of freedom. Based on classic free market texts, our simplified stories easily introduce young readers to important ideas that they otherwise would not hear about—perhaps for many years, or perhaps ever!

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I've also written several other books on law, religion, media, culture and education. These books are each unique in their own way, covering a topic that is rarely written about and strongly deserving of more attention and understanding.

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Media Coverage

My work catches the attention of local, national, and international media. Here's a sampling of some of the outlets that have caught wind of what I do.


"Connor has set a perfect example of getting involved and changing the world."
Ron Paul, former Congressman

"I find Connor is pretty much always right."
Tom Woods, bestselling author

“What Boyack and his organization have done… is really impressive.”
Radley Balko, Washington Post columnist

"Connor is one of the brightest and most effective young liberty communicators I know.”
Larry Reed, president of FEE

"Connor Boyack is one of the smartest guys I have ever met when it comes to liberty and understanding the philosophical issues of freedom and individual liberty."
Ben Swann, investigative journalist