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I’ve won awards, spoken on a lot of stages, and many people have said nice things about me. But I take the most pride in the personal impact my work has on others—the child who learns how the world really works through our Tuttle Twins books; the elderly woman whose medicine is no longer banned; the ex-convict whose life is no longer ruined by the government for years after release; or the hustling teenager who launches their entrepreneurial venture at one of our markets.

I’m addicted to changing the world for the better, one life at a time. I primarily do that through the non-profit I founded, Libertas Institute—one of the country’s most impactful think tanks that helps reform policies in my home state and across the nation.

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Changing Hearts, Minds, and Laws

I founded Libertas Institute in 2011 and it has since grown to become a high-impact organization working across the country to help elected officials shrink the size and scope of the government. We’ve won many awards for our innovative work, including being the only group in the country to win State Policy Network’s “Biggest Victory for Freedom” award twice.

Libertas' Impact

I've created a team that supports my goal of improving the world by changing hearts, minds, and laws. Our high-impact work is making a difference in six primary ways:

Innovative Policy Reform

We’ve changed over 100 laws in Utah, several of them the first of their kind in the entire country.

Nail It, Then Scale It

We partner with organizations across the country to replicate our unique policy reforms in their state.

Impactful Education

Our flagship Tuttle Twins children’s book series has sold over 5 million copies and is now a cartoon!

Courtroom Battles

We have pursued successful litigation against the state to hold the government accountable.

Youth Entrepreneurship

We operate a series of markets for kids to learn about business through firsthand experience.

Outreach and Initiatives

To change hearts and minds, we launch large public campaigns to shift people’s opinions.

My Books

I’m the author of 42 books that have sold over 5 million copies worldwide.


Government schools are drowning students under a rising tide of mediocrity.

Children of the Collective

Collectivists want to indoctrinate your children. Learn how to stop them.

How to Not Suck at Life

With 89 tips on a wide variety of ideas, this book helps teens level up in life.

The Tuttle Twins children's books

With millions sold, my books teach the ideas of freedom to the rising generation.

Christ Versus Caesar

What should be the political views of Christians if we took Jesus' word seriously?

Skip College

A book for all teens, this makes the case that college is largely unncessary.

Lessons from a Lemonade Stand

For teens and adults, this book explains simply what liberty and law look like.

Passion-Driven Education

How can we inspire kids to love learning? This book for parents shares the plan.


If you're tired of politicians and the media exploiting your emotions, read this.

Anxiously Engaged

A curated compilation of past articles I've written on politics, religion, and more.

Out of print

Latter-day Responsibility

If you're tired of politicians and the media exploiting your emotions, read this.

Latter-day Liberty

If you're tired of politicians and the media exploiting your emotions, read this.


I love connecting with audiences large and small to share inspiring stories, impactful strategies, and innovative approaches to changing the world.

Here's some of my more popular speeches:

Why We Won’t Be Free if We’re Fearful

Based on my book Feardom, I share a variety of stories showing how people in power try to gain control by scaring us into submission. This is a crowd favorite in the wake of Covid-19.

Turn Your Enemies Into Evangelists

Business owners and entrepreneurs will gain strategic marketing advice on how to leverage psychology and tribalism to build their brand and boost their bottom line.

Toss the Textbooks and Inspire Your Child to Learn

Based on my book Passion-Driven Education, I share with parents how they can educate their children in a way that gets them excited to learn and avoid the apathy and mediocrity that is often associated with school.

Your Message on Steroids: How to Cultivate Thought Leadership

Sharing stories from my decade of experience building an influential think tank, I give business leaders, CEOs, and change makers a list of specific ideas to act on in order to cultivate their own thought leadership.

Winning Strategies to Change Loser Laws

For politically-minded audiences, I share battle-tested strategies to effect legal change and shift public opinion. This is a topic of special interest in light of so many parents and grassroots groups speaking out about restrictions on our freedom.

Lessons from a Lemonade Stand

This presentation later became my book Lessons from a Lemonade Stand, and helps youth learn about the law. What does consent of the governed mean? Are all laws valid? What are our rights and how can we protect them? These and more questions are answered in an engaging and fun presentation.

Five Tips to Become a Pioneer for Greatness

A select review of ideas from my book How to Not Suck at Life: 89 Tips for Teens, I share some fun stories and inspiring examples for teens to motivate them and give them some actionable ideas to improve their life and try to make a difference.

Be Smarter Than Most Adults: Ten Tips from the Tuttle Twins

Based on my work selling millions of copies of books across the country and teaching complex ideas in a simple manner, I share with youth some “insider ideas” that will make them smarter than people three times their age.

Speaking Bio

Connor Boyack is founder and president of Libertas Institute, an award-winning free market think tank.

Named one of Utah's most politically influential people by The Salt Lake Tribune, Connor's leadership has led to changing over 100 laws covering a wide range of areas such as privacy, government transparency, property rights, drug policy, education, personal freedom, and more.

A public speaker and author of 42 books which have sold over 5 million copies, Connor is best known for The Tuttle Twins children's book series which introduces young readers to the ideas of a free society.

Connor lives near Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife and two children.

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"Connor has set a perfect example of getting involved and changing the world."

Ron Paul

Former Congressman and presidential candidate

"I find Connor is pretty much always right."

Tom Woods

Bestselling author and podcaster

"Connor and his team are geniuses for creating the Tuttle Twins books."

Glenn Beck

Radio host and bestselling author

"Connor is one of the brightest and most effective young liberty communicators I know."

Larry Reed

President Emeritus, Foundation for Economic Education

"Connor Boyack is one of the smartest guys I have ever met when it comes to liberty."

Ben Swann

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