July 12th, 2006

The New Gay Times

There’s an interesting post over at townhall.com about the tenacious support given by The New York Times to the homosexual cause.

Noteable quote:

Whatever happened to “objective” media outlets at least pretending to avoid taking sides? This is the essence of political correctness: It is better to violate openly your commitment to journalistic standards than assist the “bigots” by attempting to appear fair and neutral.

And it gets zanier still. The New York Times is not only sponsoring the Gay Games, it’s having a pro-gay event there as well. As part of the “Times Talks” series, the newspaper will host a panel discussion on July 17 at the Chicago Public Library titled (so help me, I’m not making this up) “Brokeback Locker Room.”

It’s interesting to see media outlets such as this (and several others) bash their opponents for their right-wing slant. Can we say double standard? For example, the Times frequently attacks Fox News (with their sights mostly set on Bill O’Reilly) for claiming to be “fair and balanced”, but allegedly not living up to that statement in their reporting. Earth to the Times: look in the mirror. Journalistic organizations almost always have a biased slant, one way or the other, because the people that work there are humans. Birds of a feather flock together, and after a few years in business, you start to employ and retain people that are like-minded. As time goes on, you end up with an organization that more often that not leans in a certain direction.

It is disappointing to see companies get up in arms over moral issues. You have the Times obviously doing it, as well as other companies such as Ford Motors and Wells Fargo. According to that last link, 49 of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies have adopted pro-gay policies.


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