July 13th, 2006

The Church is True Because of Food

Otter Pops

Tonight at Institute we were given Otter Pops afterwards. The simple fact that there was a treat at the end of the class made it twice as enjoyable to attend. It sounds ridiculous, because an Otter Pop costs probably a penny to make, but there’s something about getting free food that makes an event more gratifying.

The Church is true for a plethora of reasons, with ample evidence and reason for coming to this conclusion. But the intertwining of food with most every activity within the church is yet another proof of its greatness and truthfulness. I mean, what would the church be like without funeral potatoes, green jello, and leftover sacrament bread? What would the kingdom of God be like without casseroles, home-baked cookies, and fruit salads?

Food is awesome. Free food is even better. And free food after a church activity? Well that’s the pinnacle of life, and yet another reason why I love the church.

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