January 3rd, 2007

Soliciting Sacrifice

Our dictator will next week be requesting more sacrifice in the name of “fighting terrorism”. So reports Keith Olbermann in this video:

Text of the speech here.

The sheer stupidity of Bush and his cronies becomes more evident with each passing day. Scrambling to save his image and feed his ego, he presses on. And on. And on. He stays the course, all the while denying that it’s his plan. How in God’s green earth does such an imbecilic individual become the leader of our nation?

Sacrifice?! For what cause? To whose benefit? In whose name and honor? To what end?

This war was implemented based on a lie. It was persisted upon a lie. Its stated purpose has changed with each political blunder. And now the cloudy mass of goo Bush’s propagandists call “our cause” is no more discernible than are the contents of a neglected septic tank.

The vast majority of Americans favor military withdrawal. It’s time the President—our employee—listened.

One Response to “Soliciting Sacrifice”

  1. fontor
    January 8, 2007 at 4:20 am #

    Wow, I thought you were going to go all Moroni on the Democrats, But just the reverse.

    You know, you really need to cool it on the Bush thing because I’m a liberal and you’re not, and I’m having trouble matching your Bush-hatred, and… it’s making me look bad.

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