March 12th, 2007

Journals as Scripture

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The compound composition of the scriptures is very interesting to me. Some of the canon is comprised of prophecy, some of poetic pondering, and some of personal journal entries.

The latter seems especially unique to me. Certainly prophecy and religious teachings by those called of God are to be called scripture, but I find it intriguing that journal entries often qualify for the same. Much of the Book of Mormon, for example, is a narrative in journal format, preserving a prophet’s thoughts and perspectives for posterity.

This leads me to wonder: What will future generations learn about us from the journals of our current prophets?

Mormon scholars and bloggers alike love to cite the History of the Church, which primarily is a historical preservation of personal thoughts, teachings, and events. We also prize the journals of other early church leaders where we gain valuable insight into events, Joseph’s teachings, and the author’s personal revelations and prophecies.

In this dispensation, Oliver Cowdery was called as the first historian. Later, John Whitmer was called upon to write a history of the Church’s activities. Various other men were each called in succession to “keep a history, and a general church record” (D&C 85:1).

One must assume, then, that our current leaders are doing the same. What would their records reveal to us? We are at the receiving ends of their teachings and counsel, but in the private outpouring of their feelings and thoughts, what do they say?

Do they say we are obedient to God’s word? Or might they say that we are hard-hearted and slow to listen? Do they record the low home teaching numbers, survey statistics on how many have a year’s supply, and financial statistics on the total debt of the Saints? Do they express personal grief, frustration, and heartfelt sorrow at those who will not listen?

Do they express the desire to teach a higher law, additional words of wisdom, and the meat of the gospel, only to find that the Lord has forbidden it [2] due to the standing condemnation resting upon us?

What would our prophet’s journal reveal about how we as Saints are measuring up to the Lord’s expectations?

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