March 30th, 2013

I Believe the Resurrection is Real

I believe in Jesus Christ.

I believe that we knew him in pre-mortal life, where we associated with him, and like us, he progressed through obedience to God’s law, but to the point of perfection to become like the father of our spirits.

I believe that Jesus lived here on earth two millennia ago, that he was the temporal son of God, and that he had spiritual power to command the elements and perform what seem to us like miracles.

I believe that he spoke truth to power, conveying the rich realities of the gospel in a simple manner that even after continual study allow us to find further application to our lives on ever deeper levels.

I believe that the “establishment” of the time could not tolerate his direct teachings and righteous rebuking, and conspired to use their political power to put an end to his life.

I believe that Christ had the power to avoid such a fate, and yet to fulfill a divinely appointed purpose chose to submit and suffer at the hands of wicked men.

I believe that despite being put to death, and through the spiritual power he had acquired, he was able (and in fact foreordained by God) to resurrect himself and overcome death itself, to continue his eternal life and progression with the body his spirit had inhabited here on Earth.

I believe that the same opportunity exists and extends to each of us—that even though we will all die, we will all continue to live, maintaining our identity, relationships, and interests.

I believe that just as Christ has achieved perfection through mastery of God’s law, that we too are able to work towards the same status and spiritual power.

I believe that I fail often, sometimes miserably so, in that effort.

I believe that prior to his execution, Christ somehow suffered the consequences of mankind’s violations of God’s law, somehow affording him the ability to stand as intercessor between us and God, taking upon himself the demands of justice so that mercy may be extended to us.

I believe that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is very real, and that this supreme act gives my Savior the power to heal heartache, forgive sin, and restore each of us to a position of good standing in God’s presence—provided that we fulfill our part in the process by repentance to earn the mercies the Atonement can extend to us.

I believe that through the Atonement I may work towards a more perfect fulfillment of God’s law and ensure that I am worthy to one day be with my family throughout the currently incomprehensible eternities—loved ones already departed, current family members, and my future posterity.

I believe that few things in life, if any, are more important than working diligently to follow Jesus Christ’s example, each day striving to change my attitude and actions to become more in line with the standard of perfection Christ provided for me.

I believe that Jesus is not relegated to the biblical past tense, but that he lives now, having been resurrected.

I believe that that simple truth—Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, which we celebrate during this season each year—has extremely profound implications for each of our lives.

I believe that God is a loving father who wants us to return to his presence, and that Jesus Christ’s life, teachings, and resurrection are central to that important plan.

I believe.

3 Responses to “I Believe the Resurrection is Real”

  1. Scott Stover
    March 31, 2013 at 7:02 am #

    Thank you, Connor. What a wonderful way to start my day!

  2. jpv
    April 1, 2013 at 12:39 pm #

    Thanks, Connor!

  3. M
    June 24, 2013 at 3:41 pm #

    I believe too.

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