July 24th, 2006

Ann Coulter on Evolution in the Classroom

I’m reading (along with nine other books) Godless by Ann Coulter. Love her or hate her, she raises some dang good points in this book. I’m on chapter eight right now, and thought I’d share a couple passages that resonated with me:

Even if evolution were true, it wouldn’t disprove God. God has performed more spectacular feats than evolution. It’s not even a daunting challenge to a belief in God. If you want something that complicates a belief in God, try coming to terms with Michael Moore being one of God’s special creatures.
Godless, p. 199


The ACLU sued a school district in Cobb County, Georgia, merely for putting stickers in biology textbooks that urged students to study evolution “with an open mind, studied carefully, and critically considered.” According to the ACLU, an open mind violates the “separation of church and state,” which appears in the Constitution just after the abortion and sodomy clauses. In Lebec, California, parents represented by Americans United for Separation of Church and State sued to prevent the school from even offering an elective philosophy class on intelligent design, creationism, and evolution. In Dover, Pennsylvania, a small group of parents backed by the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State sued to prevent any discussion of intelligent design in a ninth-grade biology class. The judge ruled in their favor and ordered the school district to pay the plaintiffs’ legal fees, which will probably exceed $1 million.

So that’s that. After Dover, no school district will dare breathe a word about “intelligent design,” unless they want to risk being bankrupted by ACLU lawsuits. The Darwinists have saved the secular sanctity of their temples: the public schools. They didn’t win on science, persuasion, or the evidence. They won the way liberals always win: by finding a court to hand them everything they want on a silver platter.
Godless, p. 200

You may disagree with intelligent design being taught in a school as an alternative to evolution, but I disagree with the methods used by the ACLU to enforce their desires in this regard. Turning the courts into legislative and executive machinery is not what they were created to do. This is the reason why we have litmus tests for Supreme Court judges these days—so that liberal nut jobs like Ted Kennedy can protect their favorite court rulings, such as Roe v. Wade.

Let Congress create laws. Let the executive branch enforce them. Let the courts uphold them—not create new ones to be forced upon everybody else. Abortion, same-sex marriage, and all these other “hot topics” should be legislated and regulated (when appropriate) by the (sometimes capable and competent) elected leaders of the people, not appointees who are to judge and interpret the law—not create it.

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