March 21st, 2007

A Suggestion

I received an email from a visitor to my blog yesterday, whose name apparently is “MORMONISM IS A LIE”.

MORMONISM’s profound message was:

do some real research and leave that church.

Such awe-inspiring counsel that surely rivals the musings of the great philosophers!

Should you care to seek more pearls of wisdom from so illuminated a mind, his email address is No surprise there…

Kids, this is the level your intellect will reach if you use drugs. Buyer beware!

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2 Responses to “A Suggestion”

  1. Michael L. McKee
    March 21, 2007 at 12:31 pm #


    I have recently been conserned that the term Mormon-ism needs to be fervently eschewed by members of the Church. We are constantly talking about “isms,” and I know it has been touched upon somewhat by the leadership, but apparently we are, once again, slow to act upon their guidance.

  2. fontor
    March 21, 2007 at 9:41 pm #

    The Church may never completely escape the ‘Mormon’ tag — it’s too well-known. But perhaps the term may morph just a bit. I think of Mormon-ness as the sociocultural system that has grown out of the Church, with its frontier connotations. Nothing wrong with that.

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