November 24th, 2006

The Shopocalypse

Buy Nothing Day

By Common Consent has a post about the Shopocalypse, or as it’s commonly called, “Black Friday”.

This day often garners more attention than the holidays it eclipses, Thanksgiving and Christmas. People wait in anticipation for a massive frenzy of sales, long lines, discounts, and freebies for the early birds.

Materialistic consumerism at its finest. One wonders if there will be any police-patrolled mosh pits or something similar as desperate first-worlders armed with credit cards hit up every store possible before closing time.


Folks, let’s remember the Reason for the season. To show my disgust with this trend in our society I’m participating in “Buy Nothing Day” (which I found out had a name and a following from the above-linked post) by abstaining from purchasing anything today. To end this post I’d like to use the end of BCC’s post which drives the point home well:

In the end, Buy Nothing Day is perhaps a complex cause but particularly after a day of feasting and excess, I can’t help but wonder if Mormons would do well to stay home, avoid the crowds and contemplate how to start the Christmas season in a different and less consumeristic way.

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  1. Naiah Earhart
    November 24, 2006 at 8:38 am #

    I’m right there with you.

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